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賀!台中美加學員 李o琦 106.03.11 首戰考取SAT高分1440分





參加106.03.11 SAT考試


Reading&Writing 710
Math 730
Essay 6/6/6






[姓名] 李O琦
[成績] 首戰 1440分
[應考日期] 2017年03月11日 
[各科分數] 總級分: 1440分
Reading & Writing 710分
Math 740分
Essay部份 6 (6/ 6 / 6 )
[準備時間] 台中美加SAT A+B班 
[準備教材]台中美加教材及LIFE and School


Eko is humorous and keeps the class interesting. Being a English major and Shakespeare PhD himself, (I’m assuming) Eko read and reads a lot, so it was great knowing my reading teacher actually knows what he’s doing. Listening to him talk about classical literature and make jokes was fun and made going to SAT classes in the summer less dull. He is a great teacher in SAT critical reading and encourages student to read as well, since scoring high in SAT reading is not something you get out of no where. Eko inspired me to read more in the summer even though I’d rather sit at home and be a couch potato, or hang out with friends. It was also a great feeling knowing that someone in Taiwan actually knows English literature, too.

Addison is approachable and kind to students, and is always patient in explaining any math questions. He explains answers step by step and is very clear. Students can feel free to ask him any questions, so that was helpful for us. Since Addison went to the top high school in Taichung himself, rest assured that he knows SAT math.

When explaining essay templates, Addison lays out the outline coherently. He essentially did most of the work for us since the new SAT essay requires mostly just analyzations. He is great at helping students write a good SAT essay and assisting them in creating the right framework for it.


Although taking a 5-hour-long test is painful, practice really does make perfect (my score obviously is not perfect, I’m just saying practicing a lot helps). Mostly, I felt that reading a lot of books, articles, newspapers, etc., for school and leisure really helped me in reading the reading portion faster and finished in time. Even a quick Buzzfeed or NYTimes article would help. I wish I took more time reading the questions carefully instead of rushing through them and have 10 minutes left in the test. I think that I probably could have done better if I slowed down a little. I also felt that I got lucky in getting an easy SAT? I am not sure as I have only taken one. If I could hate the test less, maybe I’ll spend more time being careful in both the reading and math section. I thought that the purpose of the critical reading test was helpful in testing one’s ability to analyze readings, but I also think that it is important not to get too caught up or stressed about the test. Being analytical in daily life can help with doing well in critical reading, too. (I think) The smallest thing you could do to try to be better at critical thinking is analyze adults’ conversations. It is not usually too hard to figure out what people are trying to get at if you just listen to their tone and dictions. I analyze my parents’ or teachers’ conversations on a daily basis (almost). It’s just a good life skill to have. In addition, I always try to not be too stressed about tests or really just life in general, but if stress helps you do well, go ahead. I think that being a little bit more patient would have helped, but all I can do is try to hate standardized tests a little less.

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